By our own recipes, perfected with the help of top scientists at the University of Zagreb, we use solutions for bath pickling, bath passivation and electropolishing.

Besides excellent cleaning performance results as a standard, our solutions are also characterized by an exceptional durability. What does this mean? In short, exceptionally high standards are resulting in extremely low operating costs. Namely, since the solution is extremely stable, the need for renewal of the solution occurs very rarely and thus reduces input costs in terms of additional solution purchase, as well as costs related to wastewater and sludge treatment. Also, exceptional stability results result with negligible evaporation of the solution and thus with very low operating costs in terms of air treatment as well.

Finally, because of the development of our own solutions in collaboration with top experts, we are able to provide solutions to the market by far the best prices and thus enable our clients an additional competitiveness in operation and their business in general.